International Ideas Competition for Andersen Museum _ 안데르센 박물관 국제 아이디어 공모전
"House of Fairytales"
A new Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales with a fairytale garden should be a must-see attraction of international standing where both architecture and content are clearly rooted in the fairytales and the history of the site. In addition, the garden should be a green urban space in a dense and diverse city centre.
동화로 우리에게 익숙한 안데르센.
급변하는 도심속에서 낙후된 시설로 격리되고 기억속에서도 잊혀진 그의 박물관과 공원에 다시금 새로운 활기를 불어넣을 수 있는 건축적 아이디어를 제안하는 공모전였다. 
By disconnecting the garden from the city, we re-create a sense wonder into a forgotten space. The garden becomes a dream space that stimulates the curiosity of the visitors. The Museum is conceived as a set of thresholds: from the city to the garden, from the garden to the house and finally from the house to Andersen’s world. Visitors are gradually transported into a new environment, where the architecture creates a sense of gradation from “public” to “intimate”. Rather than design the Museum as an object building, our design is a journey that creates a dialogue between the existing context and at the new proposal. The garden becomes an unexpected anchor within the fabric of the city.
Model Images
Public/Private vs. Above/Below
A journey through the museum, from the oneric garden to the maze like under world. This model displays the many facets of the project. The project exist as a public entity connected to the city above ground; at the same time allowing an independent Museum to function below ground.
Interior view 
DRAWING_Floor plan / Section

Status : Competition Submission
Program : Museum
Site : Odensa, Denmark
Area : 8,000 m2
Team : Sungyeol Choi, Heeyoung Pyun
Collaboration : PWFERRETTO
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